Our Dad – The Educator
Our Dad – The Educator
Our Dad – The Educator
While everyone else were fighting amongst each others, our dad building social bridges
While everyone else were fighting amongst each others, our dad building social bridges
While everyone else were fighting amongst each others, our dad building social bridges

Dear Father,

We are writing you this letter while hoping that you have access to the Internet from up there. If not, then this letter will help us explain to the people who read it how good of a father you have been to us.

Words can't express what you mean to us, however, we will try to do our best to put our feelings into words.

We would like to start by saying that it is kind of hard with you not around. We all miss you here. Things are not the same without you.


We particularly miss your jokes and humor. We miss the moments where you were always able to put a smile on our faces even when every inch of your body was aching.

You have spent the vast majority of your life meticulously teaching generation after the other. We have seen your students grow up to become successful men and women in the society serving as doctors, engineers, lawyers, and in all other great capacities. We were lucky to have you as an instructor at one point of time to get a feel of how you inspired your students.


As a person, we have seen how you spent all your life without ever hurting a human being. Not even a creature. While everyone else was fighting in the country for whatever cause, we have seen you a leader of what everyone nowadays calls العيش المشترك. In the darkest days of the civil war, you have been trying to mediate between the parties fighting and trying to free hostages on both sides. Even risking your personal safety while protecting the monastery in Haret Horeik from the lost souls.

And then as a father, we have grown watching you fighting against the odds to protect our right for a decent education. With the minimal resources you had, you managed to ensure that all the four of us had the opportunity to acquire a decent degree from a reputable university. We still remember how you used to deprive yourself from many luxuries, and in some instances from necessities, to be able to fund our education.

In the last days, while courageously fighting your illness, we remember when you smiled as we came back from travel to visit you in the hospital. You smiled to see us all united in the same room for the last time. Even in those last days, you never admitted to be in pain, instead, you kept casting jokes to put the smile back on our faces...


A good friend told us that we are lucky as we now have an angel watching over our shoulders. Knowing you, we are sure that this is exactly what you will do.

We know that you are in heaven smiling down watching us as we pray for you. We are sure that you will keep an eye on us every step we make, every move we make, every single time of the day and that you will protect us from harm.

We would like to thank you for being a great father and for providing us with all this love and care throughout all these years. We are fortunate to have inherited the greatest heritage of all. We are blessed to have your name as our middle name for as long as we shall live. We wish you were there in your memorial services only to hear what people had to say about you.

As words do not seem to be enough to describe our thoughts, we can only promise you to carry on the flag and continue your journey. As people say in Lebanon يلّي خلّف ما مات. You brought us to life, and through us, you will remain alive. We promise you to follow your footsteps and hopefully we will make you proud.


While Memories give us the strength we need to proceed, our only consolation is that one fine morning, when this life is over, we will be joined again as a one big happy family.

So until we meet again, we hope you are enjoying your eternal stay in paradise.


Your loving sons.

Your Loving Sons